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Keep Doing Business as Usual with Dynamics NAV 2018

After the launch of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, we get questions from our NAV Partners about the next steps to take: go to NAV 2018, wait for future NAV releases, and, especially, what’s the status of Dynamics 365 Tenerife?
February 08 2018

To address the last matter: Microsoft has announced to release Dynamics 365 Tenerife* on April 1, 2018, however the functionalities aren’t known yet. What is known now about Dynamics 365 Tenerife is that it is of strategic importance to Microsoft, so once released, it will be a fully functional Cloud ERP application for SMB’s. Existing Dynamics NAV software applications will have to be rewritten as NAV Extension to work with Dynamics 365 Tenerife.

To come back on the questions from the NAV community: should you go for NAV 2018 now, or wait for NAV 2018 R2** (planned release on April 1, 2018 as well) or pause your NAV business and start recoding into NAV Extensions? Definitely, start preparing for NAV Extensions, but in the meantime don’t let your current NAV business slow down. Because the market demand for cloud applications is immense and NAV partners should leverage that opportunity or risk losing business to born-in-the-cloud ERP applications.

At SaaSplaza, partner development is crucial and we believe that we can help make the developments from Microsoft regarding NAV partners a building block for the future rather than a step back. Our CEO Berend-Jan van Maanen was interviewed by MSDynamics World  regarding his positions on the Dynamics developments and why he finds it so important for SaaSplaza to offer a middle ground between the partners and the changes at Microsoft. He emphasized the fact that partners need not fear the changes Microsoft has announced, but start preparing properly. With a proven product like the Microsoft Dynamics suite, the partners’ expertise and the experience of Cloud Solution Providers, like SaaSplaza, the transitions can be handled as efficiently as possible. 

With Dynamics NAV 2018 having the latest ERP version, the earlier users migrate to it, the more they can benefit from it and stay true to the Dynamics NAV functionality. Microsoft will support NAV 2018 till at least January 2023. Moreover, upgrading to Dynamics NAV 2018 ensures a seamless transition to NAV 2018 R2, and is a logical stepping stone into Dynamics 365 Tenerife. Partners and customers can take advantage of SaaSplaza’s NAV on Azure services that enable all partners to easily migrate current customer workloads to Azure, as well as offer their new NAV solutions as Cloud Service running on Azure.

The SaaSplaza Dynamics SaaS offering enables partners to keep doing business while Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Tenerife develops and they prepare for it. NAV Partners need to rethink and adjust project strategies, because Microsoft won’t slow down on Dynamics 365. Using existing CSP solutions, like SaaSplaza can offer, that take responsibility for NAV application availability, laaS, support and billing will facilitate the evolution of Dynamics 365 through NAV 2018 for every partner and customer.

CEO Van Maanen also stated during the interview: “SaaSplaza has the scale and expertise to bring Dynamics onto Azure (...). We join forces with the NAV partners, so customers get the best possible solution and that's what this is about: getting the right combinations to be competitive and attentive to customers.“ Now this is an empowering way to think of the changes being made to NAV; to think of it as an opportunity for partners to emerge as broader and better businesses.

SaaSplaza works with Dynamics NAV partners to bring NAV (2018) onto Azure and prepare for Dynamics 365 Tenerife. Contact our team today for more information!

Update on this blog after release of Dynamics 365 Business Central 

* Codename Dynamics 365 Tenerife was released in March 2018 with the new productname Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

** When Microsoft announced Dynamics 365 Business Central, they said that there would not be a NAV 2018 R2 release. Instead Microsoft continues with cumulative updates.

Read our blog about Dynamics 365 Business Central here. 

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