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Optimizing Costs for Software Companies Thanks to Scalability

Ernst Veen
September 18 2018

So, you’ve developed this cool application with great functions, that, for example, increases users’ productivity, or automates certain tasks. Your customers don’t want to own the application - they only want to use it. So, you are thinking: cloud, pay per use, scalability and flexibility. But this often has its challenges, and optimizing your costs is definitely one of them. Similar to your customers who only pay for what they use, you also want to pay for what has actually been consumed in the cloud. If you can’t find the optimum between cost, performance and consumption, you and your customers will feel that pain.

Cost Optimization with the Speed of the Cloud

Running a software business has changed massively because of the cloud. It opens up a larger, potentially even global market, without heavy investments. We hear you thinking, “Without heavy investments? Where can I sign up?” Well, with a SaaSified application, many limitations lapse. You can go to market much quicker, offer an application without geographic boundaries, and easily allow potential customers to test it and get hooked.

Moreover, traditional local deployments on-premise or in data centers are time and cost-consuming. By transforming your software into a cloud application, you no longer need to roll out the application with your customer, saving them and your company time and money. And other great advantage: in the cloud you only pay for what you consume. However, consumption can get out of hand in the public cloud. So, in order to not shoot yourself in the foot and avoid nasty surprises at the end of the month, you need to control the usage and find the difficult balance between performance, protection, security and functionality, to make optimal use of Azure for your customers. Azure offers great consumption control features, reports and dashboards.   

You only need to invest in the Azure expertise to setup, configure, monitor, interpret and optimize it. Are you willing to make this investment, or would you rather work with a partner who has already done this many times? If you are looking for partner that can help you optimize your Azure cost, think about SaaSplaza. We support Software Companies, Microsoft Partners and Enterprises with Azure expertise from design to continuous improvement, including cost optimization.

How do you ensure maximum focus so that we can optimize together? 

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