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Partners accelerate recurring revenue streams: Cloud Power Dynamics NAV onto Azure

While the release of Dynamics 365 Business Central is an exciting new product from Microsoft, it also presents Partners with important decisions that could have implications on their business for years to come.
Marinka van der Eng
April 28 2018

Dynamics 365 Business Central is great for new customers, and while SaaSplaza can help partners sell more Dynamics 365 Business Central subscriptions by joining our CSP program, that’s not what this is about. We know from talking with partners on a daily basis that they are scratching their heads as to whether to upgrade their existing NAV Customers to D365 BC and switch them to a Subscription license, or find a way for customers to keep their perpetual licenses but still reap the benefits of recurring revenue streams. Not to mention that most ISV solutions aren’t going to be ready for D365 BC - some for a couple of years.

So what to do? You could put your existing Customers on Azure yourself. But now you are faced with investing in training your folks, standing up a 24/7 support organization, offering your own SLA with high availability guarantees, creating proper backup policies, setting up around the clock monitoring services, and did we mention getting audited every year to meet SOC, ISAE/SSAE, PCI, and a whole other slew of certifications and industry regulations? Yes, you could do it, but why put your business at risk? Let SaaSplaza help you in this journey. We’ve been doing it for 15 years!

Hundreds of Customers are already running on and benefitting from Dynamics NAV on Azure. We make the leap to the Azure Cloud easy. You do not have to choose between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV with Customer solutions that require ISV’s, vertical functionality and bespoke customizations.

Upgrade Existing Customers to a NAV Cloud Solution on Azure
SaaSplaza enables Dynamics NAV Partners to grow and thrive in the Cloud by collaborating on successful Customer implementations that reduce your risk and improves your time to market. Enter the Microsoft Cloud world with confidence, leverage the power of Azure for NAV implementations for your customers:

  • Address the Customer Cloud related needs now with NAV on Azure;
  • Deploy the customized Dynamics ERP solution on Azure – any supported version of NAV;
  • Benefit from a library of ISV solutions, industry and critical customer functionality;
  • Offer application availability of 99.9% and 24/7 global and financially backed support on the business critical ERP solution;
  • Priced per user per month;
  • Prepare your Customers for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

SaaSplaza’s Dynamics NAV on Azure services enable Dynamics Partners to easily migrate current customer workloads onto Azure and empower them with the flexibility and functionality of the Azure Cloud. The benefits for your business:

  • Retain Microsoft Digital Partner of Record designation
  • Increase your Customer adds on Azure and Azure Revenue Streams
  • Own the Customer relationship and keep the focus on NAV functionality
  • Meet your customers ever changing needs and deepen the relationship
  • SaaSplaza delivers 24/7 global financially backed support on Azure
  • Customizations and/or ISV add-ons are not a problem - we welcome them!
  • Marketing and Sales support for joint Go To Market opportunities
  • Empowers you – the Partner - to sell additional Managed Azure Services
  • Microsoft Office 365 and CSP Services
  • Opportunities to have YOUR solution appear in the Microsoft One Commercial Catalog

Migrating your Customers to Dynamics NAV as a Service solution with SaaSplaza’s expert help will enable you to focus and grow your core business. Your Customers get a coveted Cloud solution that preserves functionality and customizations. So, your business can fully focus on Customers, stay ahead of the competition and simultaneously prepare for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Ready to Power Up your Dynamics NAV business and step into cloud?

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