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Project Sunrise

Creating the Best Foundation for Azure Services
Marinka van der Eng
June 25 2017

No matter what happens, each new day begins with the sun rising in the east. One of the first places to be kissed with sunlight each day is Asia, which is why, in our fantastic migration to Azure in this continent, we gave the venture the name “Project Sunrise.” It’s a project that makes us proud and one that laid the foundation for our Azure services now and in the future.

The Change Goes Beyond a New Location
In a project driven and led by Dennis Schut, Chief Architect at SaaSplaza, we shifted our customers from a physical data centre in Singapore to Azure Cloud in Asia. With this move, there are now multiple locations across the continent (including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney) and more freedom to choose what’s best for you. Ultimately, the choice of the Azure location was based on customers’ business needs, office locations, and overall business experience.

Incorporating New Technologies is Vital
We all know that developments in IT go fast—they are anything but static. Microsoft, for instance, is always launching new options for Azure; the platform is in a constant state of development. That’s why this undertaking wasn’t just about moving customers to the Cloud or another location. For SaaSplaza, it meant a redesign of our Cloud topologies, as the goal was to embed this in our SaaSplaza CloudCARE methodology. Taking on this project means we can now always adapt to future needs and incorporate new technologies for our customers.

How We Delivered a Cost-Effective, High-Performing Azure Platform
To reinvent the foundation of our Cloud infrastructures meant restructuring operations, infrastructure designs, scripts, and tooling to enable automation and innovation. This was all to align with customers’ needs to quickly adapt, transform, and move to the Cloud. All the “back end” technical changes ultimately led to speed in deployment, predictability, control, manageability and operational excellence when we migrated the customers from the physical data centre to Azure. To ensure the highest level of quality, Microsoft experts were heavily involved throughout the project because of their Azure expertise and knowledge of the core technology.

We’re Thrilled to Deliver a Better Cloud Foundation
Project Sunrise is the bedrock of our new, soon-to-be announced Azure services that give our customers an even more reliable and future-proof foundation for their business needs. It means that you and other customers will have a platform that stays ahead of the curve for years to come, with continuous improvement and operational services.

View our Youtube video about Project Sunrise here and stay tuned for some even more exciting changes coming to SaaSplaza. If you’re too excited to wait, contact us for the exclusive details!

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