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SaaSplaza Business Continuity and COVID-19

Berend-Jan van Maanen
March 14 2020

We would like to keep you informed about how we are handling the impact of COVID-19 and any impact for you. 

As a global business, we have closely monitored the developments of the Coronavirus outbreak in the last months. The aim for us is, as always, to assure the availability and integrity of your services with us 24/7.  

How will SaaSplaza continue to maintain commitment of products and services to our customers? 

We have been able to provide our services as normal and we expect to be able to continue doing this- observing several extra measures. In the unlikely event that this will change, we will communicate promptly. We are discussing the situation, impact, and actions in our Management Team meetings on a weekly basis and as needed. 

What action and response plan has SaaSplaza undertaken to mitigate COVID-19 risks which could directly impact the ability to deliver and operate for our customers? 

We have activated the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) protocol in Amsterdam for Europe since last Friday, March 13, in line with local government guidelines, promoting social distancing. This means our office in Amsterdam is closed for general visits until further notice. We have also instructed our employees to work from home.



We will proactively execute our BCP protocol for our San Diego office this week. This means the office will also close until further notice and employees will be instructed to work from home. 


In February, we had already activated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in Singapore and asked people from our Singapore Support Center to work remotely and in shifts. In Singapore, our staff have been able to return to the office without any infection issues, while we remain vigilant. A group of staff are still working remotely as a precaution and international staff travel is currently suspended. 


As a global Managed Services Provider, we already have all necessary tools in place for our employees to work from different locations without it having an impact on our services. If any employees get sick, colleagues in the same or other regions will take over their workload. In the meantime, we are vigilantly tracking all Coronavirus-related communications from the government and internationally recognized health organizations for best practices. 

What happens to already planned meetings with SaaSplaza? 

As a company, we want to contribute to preventing contamination and closely follow the advice of internationally recognized health organizations to limit social interactions as much as possible. This means that any planned physical meetings with our employees may be cancelled or held virtually. 

Will SaaSplaza handle my service request as usual? 

These are exceptional times and they require the necessary flexibility from all of us. This applies to your organization, our other customers, and to SaaSplaza. Together, we can take the right measures and steps to lower risks. However, due to the great impact and continual changes, we ask your understanding for any potential delays in answering your service requests.  

How will SaaSplaza update its customers on any changes in services? 

We will notify you immediately should there be any changes to your services. Furthermore, you can also check our website for any updates available.  


Corona may be affecting your business and personal life seriously. As businesses, we can help the healthcare workers and governments around the world contain the virus. We believe in long term partnership and are seeking an open dialogue for any issues that come up so that we can help resolve them together. 


If you any questions, please contact us for more information.

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