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Six Benefits of Switching to the Managed Cloud

Are you the kind of person that likes to do everything yourself? If you do, you know how much time you spend researching what you are trying to accomplish.
Marinka van der Eng
November 02 2017

For example, imagine taking it upon yourself to replace the wiper blades on your car. You need to spend time learning how to do it, whether it’s by watching videos online or buying manuals, and you need to make sure you’re ordering the correct parts that fit the make and model of your car. All in all, this takes time and money, and there’s plenty of room for error.

Now imagine having to do this for thousands of cars, all at once. It seems, at the minimum, very difficult, doesn’t it? This example can be applied to individuals at businesses who are managing a lot of data but do not have the expertise or bandwidth to manage their cloud services on their own while also maintaining the integrity and daily operations of their business. This defines the need for managed cloud services. 

But backing up, what is the managed cloud? Simply put, the managed cloud is a full-service platform that allows business and individuals to benefit from cloud computing without wasting time and money becoming experts at it themselves. Companies that use managed cloud services can stay lean by not needing to hire large IT management teams and focus on the mission of their core business.

One of the largest and most popular cloud providers is Microsoft Azure. Azure is a cloud computing service that constructs, tests, deploys and maintains applications and services through massive globally dispersed data centers that are operated by Microsoft. Since Azure has more than 1000 services, it is especially wise for businesses to seek help from SaaSplaza, a certified managed cloud service provider, with 10 years of Microsoft Cloud experience. SaaSplaza makes cloud technology work, we ensure that mission-critical applications and processes keep running at all times, so companies can stay focused on what they are good at, their core-business.

So what are the most significant areas where you benefit from partnering with SaaSplaza for Azure?

  • Infrastructure: Migrating your business applications and processes is managed by SaaSplaza experts, who build a customized foundation for your cloud computing needs that are based on Microsoft best practices.
  • Disaster Recovery: After suffering the impact of for instance a data breach, cyberattack or hardware failure, SaaSplaza has your applications back up and running in no time.
  • Backup Services: Since much of a company’s data increases over time and is still housed on-premises, IT teams struggle to keep up, as well as meeting strict compliance regulators. With SaaSplaza backup services, business-critical data housed on premises is backed up at the granular level in the cloud.
  • Continuous Support: Nothing is more important than a support staff that understands your company’s mission and is there for you when you need them, with 24/7 support available every day of the year and continuous improvements.
  • Security: Advanced monitoring and safeguarding of your business’ information that is audited to the highest standards of safety is critical, SaaSplaza takes care of this.
  • Cost-effectiveness: You can make your CFO happy by working with SaaSplaza, who will optimize the use of Azure with tools and expertise, and minimize the cloud spend.

Harnessing the power of cloud computing does not have to be so complicated. Contact us for a quote and learn how we can help you and your company’s services benefit from safe, scalable and managed Azure technology.

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