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Speed ​​Up the Time-to-Market for Your Applications

“Time is money” is such a typical saying. Nevertheless, we spend a lot of time trying to get to the market perfectly.
Ernst Veen
September 24 2018

We don’t want to make mistakes,  but is there ever moment when the product or service is perfect and not to be touched anymore? 

Take for example Microsoft Teams: launched to the market a year ago. Not error free, but with a great vision. Like Google - which has been in beta in the first years. However, developing while the service is already live, has it's challenges. Dutch Telecom and IT Service provider, KPN, launched digital television years ago and later Back-up Online. In the initial phase, these services were not stable and users complained of course. Yet, KPN achieved huge growth figures, and  the services work fine today. KPN started to learn during work. 'Learning by doing' is something that we as persons find acceptable: continuing to learn, life-long development. But, we might find it a bit scary with a new product, service, version, or functionality.

Accelerate Time-to-Market and don’t Lose Money

The total sales volume has decreased from the planned due to the delayed launch of  the product and it's hard to catch up on this. Read more: 

Take a look a the image above, what's the implication? Launch your product fast, and don’t lose money? Often, you err on the side of caution; you want to do it well, and thus you lose valuable time and  someone else can already be ahead of you. What can software developing companies learn from this: go to market with soft launch of the application that includes the major functionality and requirements. And from there: learn by doing and, especially, listen to the feedback of your users. Many users find it cool to be part of a beta group, they can form a community of ambassadors around your product. This can give you extra attention, because influencers start to talk about this cool, great functionality. As a result, you accelerate the adoption of your product and can devote maximum focus on making your product a success.

Accelerating Your Product Life Cycle Reduces Tunnel Vision

Another - practical - advantage of a soft launch is that users can influence the development and they might come up with completely different ideas than what you intended to build. This will enable you to develop functionality or services that were not yet on your roadmap, but are added per demand of the market. No tunnel vision, no ivory tower. 

I'd like to close with a note of caution: don't be tempted to go to market fast(er) without being absolutely sure about safety and compliancy of your application. Even if it's a beta application, you do not want your product to be unsafe, as a result of which, your users will no longer trust it. Fortunately, technology is available to increase the security of your application. 

Speed up your time to market and continuously develop your application. Are you interested to learn how can Azure aid your continuous development and help you achieve more? 

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