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Successful Project Strengthens Bond between IDM and SaaSplaza

Interview with Nick Appelboom, CEO of IT Delivery Management, about launching their software in Azure
Kylie Luteraan
April 08 2019

What good is it to talk about our experience helping businesses migrate to Azure-based solutions if we have nothing to show for it? This year we want to share some insights from companies that we’ve aided along their journey to Cloud-based services. Recently we successfully launched IT Delivery Management (IDM) into the Cloud through a partnership with SaaSplaza, which supplies their customers with reliable solutions in Azure as well as 24/7 support. We sat down with Nick Appelboom, CEO at IDM to chat about his experience working with SaaSplaza.

Who is IT Delivery Management? What do you do?

IT Delivery Management, in short IDM, is a vendor-independent specialised solutions provider for ‘real transparency’ in IT services delivery- whether that be on-prem, hybrid, Cloud based or outsourced. We were founded by a crew of IT guys who saw gaps in the market and wanted to fill them. We started IDM to provide global enterprises with easy-to-use and easy-to-implement tools that offer unequalled control over their IT services delivery. We build and manage IT solutions that give full control over speed, cost efficiency, customer satisfaction and digitization. One of our unique features is to provide enterprises instant transparency on their readiness for the next Windows 10 upgrade to ensure that updates don't cause issues. We all know that automatic updates can land an IT system in trouble if it’s not configured for the update and save customers downtime, roll back and fixing by allowing them to decide when and if they are ready for a specific update, among many other things.

What was the problem you needed help solving?

Offering Cloud-based solutions was and is the logical next step for us, but we didn’t have resources to make it happen on our own. The idea of working with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) kept sounding like the way to go. We could offer all the benefits of Cloud to our customers without racking up credit card bills to do so. With a CSP we get normal monthly invoices, flexibility and we can rely on them to support our global Cloud customers when we’ve headed home at the end of the day.

And what was it that brought you to SaaSplaza?

With all the options today when it comes to Software as a Service and Cloud, there is ample choice of who to go with for this project. Considering that we were looking for a partner who has the experience to migrate and provide Managed Azure Services, SaaSplaza stood out to us because the sheer amount of years they have been doing this. Shifting our business application was a big step and critical to our business, so we needed their help with vertical integration in a packaged solution. Through SaaSplaza, we are able to offer our Cloud-based and hybrid clients an application, a network, high level security and trustworthy infrastructure with barely a second thought. From our first meeting with SaaSplaza, we could tell the entire team was there to make us succeed in our Cloud journey.

How did the journey look from first meeting to now?

The main thing we took away from our first meetings was how critical the planning was. We had ideally one chance to get this right and making that roadmap was essential to put it all into perspective. First, we started with an assessment to see what our business needed with the Change Manager, a Microsoft Cloud Engineer and the Product Manager. The SaaSplaza team then helped us move to Azure via CSP. After the migration to Azure, SaaSplaza consolidated and optimized the resources to get the best out of the power of Azure. We’re now settling into our partnership with SaaSplaza as our Managed Azure Services provider, hosting our Cloud solutions and learning a lot along the way.

What have been the direct benefits of working with SaaSplaza as your CSP?

The partnership with SaaSplaza is a great step forward to bring IDM’s customer benefits to the forefront. Take, for example, our eReadiness solution that makes Windows 10 roll out and updates easily manageable. With a Cloud-based deployment, key-eReadiness features of bringing structure, focus and discipline to Windows 10 updates can be delivered quicker to the end customers while also safeguarding their business and mitigating risks immediately. By working with SaaSplaza as our CSP Indirect Provider, we have full visibility and accessibility. We’ve gained so much as a company and so have our solutions, and most importantly our customers, while not having to deal with the hassle of migrating ourselves.

After working so closely together for the last few months architecting, implementing and migrating, we’ve got a good bond. The whole team at SaaSplaza has been incredibly helpful and devoted to our project. They gave us undivided attention and prioritized our wants and needs despite the busy schedule that industry leaders typically have. We are really happy with the decision we made to go with SaaSplaza as our CSP and Azure Services provider and can’t wait to see what the future looks like for IDM offering our solutions in Azure.

Editor's note: We know that our team had a great time working with you too!

We want to thank Nick Appelboom and the entire team at IT Delivery Management for sharing their Cloud journey with us, and their story. We’re excited to see what they can achieve with their new Cloud-based solutions option. If you want to learn more about Nick and what they are doing at IDM, check out their website. And if you want to make your business a success story too, get in touch with one of us at SaaSplaza to set you on your way.

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