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Takeaways from Directions Asia 2019

Jakub Wolinski
April 04 2019

Last week SaaSplaza sponsored and attended Directions ASIA.  We met lots of partners, had a great number of insightful conversations and attended multiple sessions to hear the latest news. It was great to be in Kuala Lumpur and we are looking forward to working with the community to make Business Central work for our Customers.

Major news from Microsoft with regards to the clients in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The April Release of Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) still comes with the known suite of clients (Development, Windows, Web), but this is to change in the next release. Microsoft announced that there will be no more Windows clients in the Dynamics 365 Business Central  October release. This means that access to the application will only be possible via a web browser. The Web Client will be rebranded as Modern Client. It has the same and more enhanced features of the Windows Client, as seen here.

Next Business Central Release Without Development Client

The next 6 months will be crucial for our Partners transitioning their potential customers from the Windows Client to the Modern Client. This puts a challenge on some of the NAV partners, because they haven't yet had the time or resources to rewrite their C-side IP into a NAV extension, so their only option is to go with D365 BC on premise. However, we increasingly see that customers don't want their ERP on premises, and are looking for cloud applications and options.

We had lots of conversations with Partners about excessive time to rewrite their offering. Through SaaSplaza, they can offer their industry specific solution for Business Central on Azure still written using C-side with SaaSplaza CloudCARE. 

Multiply your profit with a certified Microsoft Azure Expert MSP with any type of Customer

During our ISV session, we discussed how Partners can financially guarantee directly to their Customers that a complex deployment of Business Central will work work on Azure with any third party application, integration or customisation. We also spoke about how to consider different customer motivations to go cloud, how these motivations affect partner’s bottom line and how to build profitable recurring revenue with predictable margins. For example, ‘Cutting Edge’ customers always test something new and they need to know what is not working with the latest release - fast. Mission critical customers are change averse and constantly evaluate support options. And lastly, Out-of-the-box customers don’t care how things work– as long as they are not affected.

We also showed Business Central on Azure with the development client to accommodate for C/Side tasks, so that more demanding Partners can convert their solutions to at their own time.

For further reading, feel free to download my slides here.

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