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Is Your Enterprise a Ferrari or a Ford?

SaaSplaza’s Tailored Cloud Services Keep Your Business Accelerating
Jethro Wallenburg
June 18 2019

Is your enterprise agile enough when it comes to technology to outsmart today’s business landscape? With macro-economic developments, geopolitical uncertainty and the fourth industrial revolution just around the bend, these are just a few themes that impact how enterprises are doing business. You have to be ready to tackle and respond to these issues. Most enterprises might have a good grip on how to approach the macro-economic challenges they are facing and what business impact this will have, but what about when it comes to the fourth industrial revolution and new cloud technologies?

Whether your business is in construction, trading, or logistics, you’ve probably heard the technology disruption’s knock at your door. With real-time leading performance indicators based on sound data analysis and managerial insights, technology can be your ally instead of a risk to your business continuity. In fact, choosing to focus on your core business and enlisting a partner to help you tackle your digital transformation is a fool-proof way to ensure a successful transition.

The Key to a Modern Enterprise: A Cloud Engine Under Your Hood

With the Cloud becoming an omnipresence around the world, investment in making it bigger, better, cheaper and easier to access is growing. I’m sure you have some idea about how the Cloud can improve your business practices- you might already even have a plan in mind on how to implement it, but you might not have thought about what building a Cloud engine for your enterprise will fully entail. From development stages, to implementation, security and maintenance, you want someone on your side who knows what they are doing. Any breakdowns in an enterprise’s technology system could mean millions of dollars in loss if not managed properly, but there’s a way to prevent that.

SaaSplaza Manages What’s Under the Hood

If your company is ready to move to the Cloud but not sure how, managed cloud services could be the best option. Though your global IT team may be experts on your applications, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are experts on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, how to migrate your entire enterprise to it, or continue to service it after the migration, especially in addition to all their other tasks. Outsourcing your Azure services to an expert service provider offers a wide array of benefits that you won’t get from working with Microsoft or another major provider on its own. By freeing your IT team of Cloud management responsibility and working with a partner, you’ll gain agility, innovation opportunities, intelligent solutions, and greater business value.

Our Experts Build the Engine, You Drive the Car

I like to compare the power of managed Azure services to the engine of a car. Though technology may be “under the hood” and out of sight, it is ultimately how a driver wins a race. Just like building a custom engine, Azure services and how they impact your enterprise is completely up to you. Microsoft supply the parts, but SaaSplaza customizes your engine to your business needs. There is of course, nothing wrong with driving a Ford, but perhaps your company vision is something a bit more impressive, like a Ferrari. The flexibility of Azure and SaaSplaza’s managed services allows for the creation of exactly what is right for you and your business. With hyperscale Cloud technology now hosted by 55 trusted and secure centers around the world, you’re never too far from the cloud engine of your enterprise.

Don’t Get Hit on the Crossover

I’ve seen enterprises struggle with the crossover between their core business and attempting to becoming computer experts alongside it. For an enterprise, your customers and trading partners are number one. By shifting the responsibility from your IT teams to an Azure expert managed services provider, you can continue to focus on your core business. Your IT team will thank you when they get to focus on what makes your business unique.

Tick the Tech Invasion Off Your Checklist 

Today’s geopolitical climate gives enterprises enough to worry about it when it comes to running a global business. Macroeconomics also provide another reference point for business predictions and margins but take much dedication to analyzing. Enterprises in the trading, construction or transportation industries, among others, must focus on these factors to make smart business decisions. By offloading your digital transformation or migration to the Cloud onto a partner like SaaSplaza, you can at least check one risk factor off your list. We are up to speed when it comes to the digital invasion and we’re ready to share our expertise.

Ready, Set, Go

Thinking about digital transformation isn’t only for technology companies or IT teams anymore. Making decisions that will propel your enterprise to the finish line can be made by anyone. With all the power that the Cloud provides, it would be a disservice to your business not to find a way to leverage it and build the digital engine that is right for you.

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