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Remote working in the cloud made easy

In 2020, the number of people working remotely jumped from 7% to 66%(1). Hence, business leaders are looking for better workplace delivery beyond on-premises solutions like Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Citrix to stay agile and flexible. Support your remote workforce with cloud-based, secure access to apps and data. Control costs and get more value from your existing IT budget. Stay secure and compliant with changing regulations, and streamline management of diverse locations, technologies, and users.

Remote Working Solution Based on Windows Virtual Desktop

With our remote working solution, you offer a personalized, role-based experience for your employees. You run your applications and Microsoft 365 productivity tools seamlessly in the same desktop. Hence, your employees' virtual workspace is modern, secure, and mobile.
By providing remote access capability to a user's desktop applications, the productivity of your employees and organization will increase. By centrally managing and controlling the virtual desktops via a secure platform, you comply with high safety requirements and pressure on your internal IT will be reduced.

We Design and Manage Your Remote Working Platform

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a rich toolset of technology options. We design and manage the best options for you. With the optimum combination of security, availability, agility, performance and TCO for you, and backed by a service level agreement.

(1) Pew Research Center March 20, 2020 and The State of Remote Work, April 16, 2020

With Our Remote Working Solution You

Stay flexible and agile by offering a modern, secure and virtual workplace to your employees.

Stay secure and compliant by centrally managing and controlling desktops via a secure platform.

Control costs and get more value from your existing IT budget by scaling up and down when needed.

Streamline your organization by running your applications in the same desktop.

Increase productivity up to 13% by providing remote access capability to a user's desktop.

Focus on your business while SaaSplaza designs and manages your remote working platform.

Brunel, a global labor market and employee recruitment expert, has been working with SaaSplaza since 2011. When it came time to fulfill their new mission of creating one global workplace using Windows Virtual Desktop to create the modern workplace for their employees, we were happy to continue our successful partnership and help make this a reality.

By introducing Windows Virtual Desktop, over 13,000 Brunel employees can work from whatever device they're most comfortable using, securely, whenever, and wherever they are in the world.

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Why Choose Remote Working From SaaSplaza?

  • Free-up valuable time - we design, deploy and manage your Windows Virtual Desktop infrastructure, so you can focus on your core business and provide your employees with a great user experience. If you already have a golden for your desktop builds, we can use it to jumpstart your WVD implementation.
  • Optimized performance and costs - the number of required virtual desktops may vary from time to time. With our remote working solution, you can easily add or remove desktops, so your costs and performance are constantly optimized and there is no need to invest in new hardware.
  • Scalable and controllable - some workplaces have high technical requirements to smoothly run applications like CAD, photo editing software, or to supply employees with specific operating systems. Our remote working solution is the perfect solution, since it is highly scalable and controllable.
  • High-availability - a guaranteed platform availability to enable a great end-user experience.
  • Protection of your data - assurance of the availability of your data via daily user profile backups, and protection against vicious malware attacks.
  • Support - together we define the best suitable support for you and your remote working platform.

Get in touch to find out how our remote working solution may benefit your organization.