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Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Confidentiality. Privacy. Data protection. Trust.

For many organisations who are considering a move to the Cloud, security is a prime concern. Some may question the safety of the Cloud, but the fact is that it is more secure than most on-premise solutions.

How is data secured on the Cloud?

All data communication is secured with an SSL certificate from an experienced Certificate Authority. This means that all data sent over the internet is encrypted and secure. Cloud setups are also architected and deployed in network layers, so the data is never exposed to the internet directly. For all these security points, we conduct independent, annual audits of all our systems and processes, to ensure our compliance against the ISAE 3402 and SSAE16 Type II certification standards. Data security is a main focus of these audits.

Cloud security through compliance processes

Why is the Cloud a safer choice than on-premise? Part of the added safety is due to regulatory systems set up to ensure safety and security, such as the SSAE-16 Type II and ISAE-3402 Type II certifications that SaaSplaza hold. SaaSplaza completes both certifications, because SSAE16 is an "attestation" standard while ISAE 3402 is an "assurance" standard. While the standards are technically different, they both require SaaSplaza to provide disclosure of systems and processes, plus a comprehensive written statement of assertion. SaaSplaza’s commitment to Cloud security is transparent, and so not only do we adhere to both certifications, we also make available each audit report to our partners on request. For more information, or to obtain a copy of the audit report, please contact us

Cloud security through redundancy

Another larger part of why security for Cloud solutions trumps on-premise solutions is simply that a large benefit of Cloud platforms is data recovery and redundancy. Put your data in the Cloud, and it is backed up and stored securely, but if something happens to the physical premise, your data may no longer be secured, or worse, it may be destroyed.

Cloud security through SaaSplaza

At SaaSplaza, we know that security is more than a feature or benefit. Security is a mindset and it starts with our people. Not only do we carefully review each employee before hiring, we also have a full-time Security Officer who chairs a global Security Council, where policies, software, infrastructure and resources are all regularly reviewed for best practise security compliance and to ensure our continued certifications. At SaaSplaza, we take more measures than any other Cloud Dynamics to protect customer data and privacy.

Whitepaper The Real Deal on Cloud Security

This SaaSplaza white paper describes the security threats that impact a range of industries and demonstrates how Cloud is the most secure option to counteract those threats. Additionally, this analysis also presents an overview of the additional benefits of a Cloud solution not related to enhanced security. Download Whitepaper.

ISAE/SSAE auditing is our choice, but security is a job for ALL

These audits are done annually, proactively, and at SaaSplaza’s expense. Why would a company submit itself to such rigorous investigation? The answer is easy: for you. We know that a prime concern many have regarding the Cloud is security, so we take all the necessary to ensure that safety. With these audits, we are taking the necessary step to prove that SaaSplaza and the services we provide treat security as an essential issue.

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Security is not 100% in our hands—it’s in your hands, too. Keeping antivirus and malware definitions up-to-date, making proper staffing choices, ensuring passwords are changed often, and maintaining current and correct permissions is entirely up to you. We can ensure the security and availability of the back end, but the front end will always be the responsibility of our partners and their customers. When it comes to this security, we’re always happy to provide recommendations and assistance.

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