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SaaSplaza Helps Software Companies Achieve More with Microsoft Azure

Focus More on your Core Business and Enrich your Applications

The increasing market pressure on software companies requires to create innovative and intelligent solutions faster and compels them to transform their development and software distribution processes. This represents quite a challenge, because technology and security requirements are changing constantly. Software companies need a reliable, secure and scalable IT infrastructure to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. That’s why moving to the cloud is the logical next step.

SaaSplaza provides cloud services to more than 300 software companies around the world. So, we have a vast experience in designing tailored cloud solutions that allow you to transform your company into a cloud-first business. Our experts are at your service 24/7 to guarantee the highest possible uptime and high-end security for your applications. We take work and worries out of your hands by managing your cloud platform.

Maximize your efficiency with our help and focus on what you do best: creating qualitative software solutions within time and budget.



Why Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is the most trusted cloud computing platform for building, deploying and managing services or applications. This versatile global cloud infrastructure enables you to simplify and automate your development and deployment process. Azure has a wide range of features and therefore it can be very complex to design, build and maintain this cloud environment. Hence, software companies need to make substantial investments in the right people and better in-house knowledge to take real advantage of the power of Azure. That’s why working with a reliable and experienced partner is often the better option.

Start your Cloud Journey with SaaSplaza and Stay Ahead of Competition

  • Develop Software Faster - Speed up your development process with Microsoft Azure. Turn your ideas swiftly into functional software solutions and shorten your time-to-market.
  • Enable DevOps Culture - Respond to the growing need of continuous integration and continuous delivery by streamlining your business processes.    
  • Increase Cost Efficiency - Moving to the cloud reduces your maintenance and infrastructure costs. Azure works with a consumption-based price model, so you only pay for what you use. SaaSplaza monitors your performance actively and assists you to use the cloud to its full potential.
  • Meet Changing Customer Needs - Keep pace with rising customer expectations. Azure allows you to include distinctive innovation into software solutions, such as artificial intelligence. Our experts provide advice on choosing the technology that creates added value to your applications. 
  • Scale as Demand Grows - We assist your software company to manage changing demand in a capable manner. Avoid unused capacity and scale your infrastructure gradually in order to handle increasing or decreasing traffic.

Grow your Business and Deliver your Software as a Cloud Service

Stay ahead of the curve. Migrating to Microsoft Azure expands your market opportunities. Create a new business model by delivering your software solutions as a cloud service. You can even transform existing applications that aren’t cloud-native. Implement a subscription-based business model, increase your margins and scale up your profit. SaaSplaza is a trusted partner who helps you to achieve more with Microsoft Azure. Focus on your core business and grow your software company in a sustainable manner with the agility to respond to new challenges. 

How we Make a Difference

SaaSplaza is a global leading cloud provider of Microsoft Azure, with over 20 years of experience. We specialize in aiding software companies with secure, trusted and scalable cloud solutions. Our experts are always there to support, easy to work with and taking a unique approach by combining innovative tools, result-oriented methods and years of experience with business critical applications. SaaSplaza assists your company to make optimal use of Azure’s power. This tailored cloud platform enables you to optimize your processes, strive for GDPR compliancy, improve cost-effectiveness and be more flexible to tackle any future project.

Are you Ready to Transition to the Cloud?

Want to migrate to Microsoft Azure? SaaSplaza reduces your technical and financial risks by offering a non-binding CloudSCAN. This will help to show the advantages of Microsoft Azure and to check compliance requirements.