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SQL Server 2016

SQL Server is Microsoft’s industry-leading database platform, delivering optimal performance and faster insights on any data.

The latest version of SQL - SQL Server 2016 - delivers breakthrough improvements for in-memory performance, unparalleled security, end-to-end mobile BI and advanced analytics.

Gartner ranks Microsoft SQL Server in the Magic Quadrant leadership position for Operational DBMS (ahead of Oracle, IBM and SAP), BI, and Analytics and Data Warehousing.

As a key part of the Microsoft Cloud Platform, SQL Server 2016 delivers a consistent experience wherever your data is, across server and database as a service, so you can power all Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud scenarios.

SQL Server 2016 offers six key “built-in” benefits, in-memory across all transactional and analytical data workloads:


SQL Server is an Industry Leader in OLTP (Online Transaction Procesing), with improved scalability and in-memory performance improvements of up to 30x.


SQL Server is the least vulnerable database for six years in a row* protecting data at rest and in motion with advanced security features, with no performance loss.

Mobile BI

SQL Server enables mobile BI visual reporting, online and offline, on any device, at one-fifth of the cost of other self-service BI reporting solutions.

Data Warehouse

According to the most recent TPC-H ‘non-clustered results’ performance benchmarks, SQL Server is the highest performing data warehouse server.


Analyse data using R, the populatr statistics language, directly in the database, with multi-threading and parallel processing for scale.


SQL Server 2016 was born in the cloud, so wherever your data is you get a consistent experience across all cloud scenarios.

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*According to the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Comprehensive Vulnerability Database update 10/2015