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A Strong Partnership to Accelerate Innovation

Tecknoworks, established in 2001, is dedicated to serving the new breed of CEOs and CTOs who understand that technology is key to competitive advantage. Tecknoworks’ proven approach uncovers the exact digital solution you need to hit your organizational and strategic objectives, with customized innovations and implementations that create maximum profit and efficiency. This is its focus all day, every day; delivering the ideas and transformations that keep its clients ten steps ahead of the competition.

Tecknoworks has offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Romania, and the United States.

Teck Advisory

Efficient and profitable technology initiatives rely on three crucial factors:

  1. Ideation - Tecknoworks refines their customer's ideas based on a 10,000-foot-view of the customer's organization and where it wants it to go.
  2. Validation - Tecknoworks rigorously tests for proof of concept and ROI so that the customer can rest easy, knowing its solution is fully vetted and leveraged to its full potential.
  3. Scoping - Tecknoworks extensive scoping process provides a turn-by-turn implementation roadmap that keeps the customer on time and in budget.

Accelerate the Journey of Innovation


By partnering with SaaSplaza, Tecknoworks and SaaSplaza can together accelerate their ambition to assist clients in moving to the cloud.

This includes modernizing the client’s applications and business models using Microsoft technology and Tecknoworks business innovation methodology Innovation Lifeguard. When modernizing the application landscape, Tecknoworks uses the state-of-the-art technology of Microsoft like the Power Platform with Power BI and Power Apps as corner stones. Tecknoworks’ experience and expertise in this space can be used to accelerate the journey of innovation and get cloud ready.

SaaSplaza complements this modernization seamlessly with 20 years of global cloud operate services. This is what many software companies need because cloud is crucial to their delivery model, and has to perform safely, performant, cost effective at all times.

“As SaaSplaza and Tecknoworks are complementary in their offering we were able to create a strong pipeline as we have a unique value proposition,” says Rein Hoogland, Sales & Marketing Director at Tecknoworks. “With this partnership we can support Microsoft in accelerating market share in the ISV market.” We have engaged at every level within the business, from engineers to the C-suite.”, continues Rein. 

"SaaSplaza believes in partnerships for the long run and have a long track record with software companies who need managed cloud operate services. We work with best-of-breed partners that complement our capability such that our clients can enjoy a full breadth of services. We acknowledge Technoworks for their specific application modernization skill, which in several scenarios is needed to enjoy the full value of the cloud," says Berend-Jan van Maanen, CEO of SaaSplaza.

Tecknoworks benefits from:

+ Increased Azure business substantially

+ Marketing has been optimized for Tecknoworks’ growth target this year

+ Utilize SaaSplaza’s services to accelerate growth