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I can go direct to Azure. Why work with SaaSplaza?

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"Why use SaaSplaza for Microsoft Azure?"

What value does SaaSplaza bring to Microsoft Azure? After all, Microsoft says to manage Microsoft Azure is easy. In most ways we agree, if you have the right experience and technical skills to operate comprehensive Azure managed services, running Dynamics AX, NAV and GP on Azure is an excellent Cloud ERP solution.

Dynamics on Azure - our added value

There's a lot more to managing an application on Azure than meets the eye. For example, does the Azure uptime guarantee cover more than just the Azure IaaS - does it give you and your customer peace of mind? (Spoiler alert - the answer is below). On a more practical level, deploying AX on Azure may be simple, but deployment is only one aspect of ERP on Azure. We think choosing to work with SaaSplaza comes down to two fundamental questions:

  1. How much do you want to do yourself? What is your core business? Do you want your business to adapt to the demands of managing ERP on Azure for the long term?
  2. How much can you do yourself? What is the opportunity cost to develop new skills within your current people or to recruit the right skillsets? We can give you AX without restrictions.

We've got a video that explains more about our Managed services for ERP on Azure and the benefits for our Partners and Customers. Or read on, and we'll endeavour to make it clear for you:


Get Dynamics on Azure today!


Why use SaaSplaza for Microsoft Dynamics ERP on Azure?

Let's start simple, with just four things:

1) Financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee for Dynamics ERP on top of Azure 

  • Microsoft guarantees uptime for IaaS only and Dynamics application availability is not included 
  • SaaSplaza guarantees 99.9% availability for Dynamics applications on Azure as part of the Service Level Agreement

2) Privacy and Security compliance certifications for Dynamics ERP on top of Azure

3) Guaranteed 24/7 support, 365 days per year

  • SaaSplaza guarantees support response times for all incidents, 24/7/365
  • Our support teams are backed up by our global Microsoft Premier Support contract

4) SaaSplaza experience

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If you want more, here's a breakdown of managing Azure yourself, or managing Azure with SaaSplaza:

SERVICES  AZURE: Partner Responsibilities AZURE + SAASPLAZA Services
 Pricing  20+ variables  Per User Per Month pricing, all inclusive
 Service level Agreement (SLA)  Excludes ERP  Applies to Microsoft Dynamics on Azure
 Uptime: financially backed 99.9% guarantee  Infrastructure level only  Applies to Microsoft Dynamics on Azure
 Compliance: Privacy and Security  Infrastructure level only   Applies to Microsoft Dynamics on Azure; reports available
 Legal Accountability  Partner  Partner indemnification options
 24/7 Global Support  No guaranteed response times  24/7/365; guaranteed response times
 Azure R&D, functional testing and capability  Partner  SaaSplaza
 Access to Microsoft technical resources  Partner   Microsoft Premier Support contract with SaaSplaza
 Backup  Partner  Included in the service
 Storage  Partner   25GB / 50GB included
 Microsoft Dynamics monitoring  Partner   Included in the service 
 Patch management, updates & hotfixes  Partner   Included in the service 
 Release management  Partner   Included in the service 
 Emergency maintenance  Partner   Included in the service 
 Dynamics upgrades  Partner   Partner
 Azure consumption management  Partner   Included or customer EA
 Environment sizing & scaling  Partner   Included in the service
 Licenses  Partner   Included or customer EA 
 Networking  Partner   Included or customer EA 
 Design & Engineering  Partner   Included in the service
 Global Provisioning  Partner   Included in the service 
 Single sign-on  Partner   Included in the service 

 There's a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to managing Dynamics ERP on Azure. You want peace of mind, and so do your customers, that their business crticial ERP systems are up and running at all times.

To get started and learn more about SaaSplaza managed services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP On Azure simply Contact Us today!